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The modern new material technology has triggered the infinite dreams of the human. Your whimsical ideas have been made by the large number of applications of emerging functional thermoplastic materials; Our innovative technology provides creative power for designers in the fields of architecture, space,new agriculture and advertising. So that everyone can feel the perfect and healthy future life.

Wenling Jundingzhenfu New Material Co.,Ltd is a comprehensive plastic sheet manufacturer. Specialized in polycarbonate production and sales.Factory is located in Zhejiang province, China.

Products types: Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet, Polycarbonate Solid Sheet, Polycarbonate U lock Sheet, , Polycarbonate Corrugated Sheet Ps flat sheet and Ps pattern Sheet.

Application Type:Security Protection,Electronic appliances,Greenhouse,Construction industry,

Advertising Sign,Rail Transit,Printing industry,Processed products.

High-yield imported Omipa and Breyer extrusion Production line make sure high-quality, stable quality and fast delivery time.Main raw material is with Sabic and Bayer brand.Stable and average UV thickness extends polycarbonate sheet’life.

We has a professional R&D team and independent laboratory and long-term raw material supplier system. At the same time,We have an experienced loading and unloading team and new loading platform. These will greatly increase the efficiency of loading.We also 

Establishe independent storage systems, such as raw material storage systems, polycarbonate sheet storage systems, and accessory storage systems. Store all indoors to avoid wind and sun.

What we want to do is not only to produce polycarbonate sheet, but to provide convenience for human life, create the beauty of architecture, and light up technological life!



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