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polycarbonate sheet size and price

sunshine board size and price usually refers to the thickness, width and length of the sunshine board. The thickness of the sunshine board ranges from 4-25mm according to different shapes, and the width is fixed at 2.1 m, 1.22 m and 1.05 m respectively. If the width needs to be customized, the loss will increase the cost. The length can be customized according to the engineering requirements to reduce the loss. It is recommended that the maximum length should not exceed 7 m, which is convenient for transportation and use.

In addition, the color of the sun plate can also be diverse, commonly used colors are: transparent, brown, blue, other colors are: orange, yellow, red, gray, green and so on.

About the light transmittance of sunshine board: different colors have different light transmittance, different shades of color have different light transmittance, and different thicknesses have different light transmittance. The standard light transmittance of Oz sunshine board is shown in the following figure.

About the bending arc canopy of the sunshine board: the sunshine board can be bent naturally without hot bending. The minimum bending radius of the sunshine board is 180 times of the thickness, that is to say, the radius mm≥thickness mm * 180 of the arc sunshine board canopy is a reasonable application range.

on the price of sunshine board: in front of a special article on the price of sunshine board



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